Advertising Rates

2024 Advertising Rates

Countdown To Red Cups is a highly seasonal website, for this reason we only accept direct advertising deals from August to December.


Display Advertising

CPM of less than $2.20


Traffic starts to grow from mid-August and peaks in the first half of November, therefore our rates for display advertising varies depending on when your activity would take place and is based on historical traffic and CPM data.

The table below show rates for the complete buy out of all display ads (at least three per page) for the whole date range specified.

Aug 1-15 ‐ $25
Aug 16-31 ‐ $25
Sep 1-15 ‐ $50
Sep 16-30 ‐ $60
Oct 1-15 ‐ $80
Oct 16-31 ‐ $280
Nov 1-15 ‐ $600
Nov 16-30 ‐ $200
Dec 1-15 ‐ $120
Dec 16-31 ‐ $60

A 25% bulk discount is available when purchasing the entire season's inventory (Aug 1 to Dec 31), making the discounted price $1,125.


Sponsored Articles

We are pleased to be able to offer one exclusive sponsored article per season (Aug 1 to Dec 31). Sponsored articles are featured on the homepage and in the right-hand column of all other pages. Articles are given normal treatment and would remain on the site for this season, until the end of December. The cost of a sponsored article is $220 (or $180 when bought in conjunction with the full run of display ads at $1,125).


Full Website Sponsorship

We also offer full site sponsorship. This would include your brand's logo as a sponsor credit on the site's header, as well as a sponsor credit in the main "countdown" panel of the website (the bit all users come to see). Your brand would also be added to our logo on all of the site's social media accounts.

The package would also included a sponsored article and full display ad takeover for the whole season (Aug 1 to Dec 31), as well as a weekly branded tweet and Facebook post in October and November (at the site's peak). This package is available for $1,600.


Get Started

If you'd like to find out more, check availability or start your campaign then please get in touch by emailing [email protected].