Starbucks Red Cup News


Starbucks UK Have Ditch The Iconic Red Cups

  • November 3rd 2016

Starbucks fans in the UK are waking up today to find that their favourite Christmas drinks are no longer being served in Starbucks' traditional red cups.

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2016 Cup Design Revealed

  • November 2nd 2016

This year the red cups returned to festive roots with varying Christmasy designs around the world.

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Red Cups Going Green?

  • October 31st 2016

Relax, Starbucks aren't turning their Christmas cups green but there will be green cups from 1st November.

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Red Cups Return For 2016

  • October 27th 2016

It's official! Starbucks Red Cups are back for Christmas 2016 very soon, available worldwide from 1st November.

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Pumpkin Spiced Latter Is Back!

  • September 1st 2016

Put on your pumpkin head, #PSL is back in Starbucks which means the countdown to red cups has officially begun!

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Give A Cup Of Kindness This Christmas

  • November 11th 2015

An anonymous coffee drinker has started a charity campaign to encourage fans of the Starbuck's Christmas drinks to spread a little cheer this Christmas by donating the cost of a coffee to homeless charity, Shelter.

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Anger Over 2015 Red Cup Design

  • November 8th 2015

This week Starbuck's range of festive coffees went on sale around the world, served up in the icon red cup. Surely this coffee-based Christmas tradition couldn't upset anyone... could it?

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2015 Red Cups Preview

  • October 22nd 2015

Starbucks customers are getting an early taste of Starbucks holiday beverages starting October 22 along with a glimpse of this year's red holiday cups in some of Europe's most recognisable shopping destinations.

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2015 Cup Design Revealed

  • October 22nd 2015

This year's iconic red Starbucks cup features a two-toned ombré design, with a bright poppy color on top that shades into a darker cranberry below.

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Eggnog Latte Is Back!

  • November 7th 2014

Almost 3,000 of your signed our petition and now Starbucks have back tracked and rereleased Eggnog Latte in the US.

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  • November 1st 2014

In 2014, the iconic Red Cups returned to Starbucks, symbolising the start to festive season but this year coffee lovers in the US have had their Christmas spirit crushed.

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2014 Cup Design Revealed

  • November 4th 2014

This year it's all about being flat, bold and of course red, the 2014 Red Cup design goes back to basics.

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2013 Cup Design Revealed

  • November 1st 2013

A classic and traditional Christmas theme is the inspirtaion for the 2013 holiday cup design. Take a look at the 2013 Red Cup.

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Canada Gets Red Cup First For 2013

  • October 17th 2013

1,000 Canadians will receive 2013 holiday red cups before their November 2nd return.

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Red Cups 2013 Confirmed

  • October 16th 2013

Starbucks have now confirmed that Red Cup Day in 2013 will be Saturday 2nd November. They have also revealed which festive flavoured coffees we'll be enjoying over the holidays, see the full list of 2013's Christmas drinks here.

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Red Cup Day 2012!

  • November 2nd 2012

The countdown has ended, the Red Cups are out and all this means the we now have something new to countdown too. As we all know, as soon as Starbucks bring out the Red Cups, the countdown to Christmas begins.

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2012 Cup Design Revealed

  • November 1st 2012

A cheery snowman fronts the simple Red Cup design for Christmas 2012, take a look at the 2012 Red Cup.

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Try A Red Cup Before Anyone Else

  • October 31st 2012

If you're in the UK, you can sample a Starbucks Red Cup ahead of anyone else at one of the secret stores which are participating, see the full list of stores here.

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Red Cups 2012 Confirmed

  • October 26th 2012

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Vote For Your Favourite Red Cup

  • August 21st 2012

We want to know which Starbucks Red Cup is your favourite, during the countdown to this year's holiday drinks we're giving you the chance to vote for your favourite.

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Red Cup Day 2011!

  • November 3rd 2011

It's official, Red Cups have arrived! From today you can grab either a Gingerbread Latte, Toffee Nut Latte, Eggnog Latte and Praline Mocha to welcome in the holiday season.

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2011 Cup Design Revealed

  • November 2nd 2011

Festive fun in the snow and the slogan 'let's rediscover why we're best friends' finishes of the icon red cup design for Christmas 2011, take a look at the design below.

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We're Counting Down...

  • August 21st 2011

We're starting the countdown to the arrival of the Red Cups in Starbucks for Christmas 2011 and already the buzz is growing around the iconic cups.

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