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United States in a Red Cup

Photo: Michael Daddino

When Do Starbucks Red Cups Return To The USA?

Like the rest of the world, coffee lovers in the USA see the return of Starbucks' Red Cups as a sign that Christmas is on its way. So, the countdown is on for the return of the iconic Red Cups...

Starbucks Red Cups return to the USA for Christmas 2024 on Thursday 7th November.

The US is the birth place of Red Cups and from New York City to Seattle the tradition of the holiday Red Cups is one which is now in its 27th year.

The clear favorite Red Cup in the US is the Eggnog Latte, Starbucks discovered this in 2014 when the festive coffee was discontinued, it didn't take long for coffee lovers to get their way and get the drink back on the menu after the coffee chain was bombarded with complaints from its customers.