Which Red Cup Are You?

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Which Red Cup Best Suits Your Personality?

Are you a sultry and deep Dark Cherry Mocha or a jolly, fun Eggnog Latte? Take our quiz and find out which Red Cup best fits your personality.


1. How do you decorate your Christmas tree?

Stick to a color-scheme with pretty white fairy lights

Flashing, multi-color lights and a giant star on top


2. Your dream Christmas...

Exploring a distant country's festive traditions

At home with the family for Christmas dinner


3. At the office Christmas party you'll be...

Dancing on the table

Sneaking off without anyone noticing you're gone


4. On Christmas day you'll be wearing...

A knitted Christmas jumper

Your Sunday bests


5. Christmas dinner will be...

A traditional turkey roast

A unique gourmet alternative


6. When you buy a Secret Santa gift, you...

Can't wait to tell them it's from you

Keep it a secret, forever


7. Your Christmas playlist is made up of...

The Muppets Christmas Carol soundtrack

Nat King Cole classics


8. On Christmas Eve you can be found...

Having late night drinks with friends

Hanging stockings by the fireplace


9. You do most of your Christmas shopping...

At a Christmas street market

From home and order online