Five Ways To Choose The Right Coffee Beans

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For most people, the perfect way to start a day is with a great cup of coffee. Not only does a smooth and rich cup set the mood of the day, but it will also provide you with the energy that you need to kick-start your day. The key is in choosing the right coffee beans and this article tackles some of the ways in how you will be able to do so.


Take Note of the Roast Level

One of the primary things that you need to consider to choose the right coffee beans is their roast level. For espresso, the medium roast proves to be the most suitable roast level. Nonetheless, if you are keen on drinking coffee with a lower acidity level, then you should go for a darker roast. But apart from acidity, the caffeine level of the beans also tends to decrease as the roast gets darker.


Consider your Coffee Maker

To choose the right coffee beans, you need to consider the type of coffee maker that you have. For instance, if you have a plunger, then go for a medium roast, medium body, and simple blend beans. On the other hand, if you have one of the best bean to cup coffee makers that you know is capable of delivering good quality espresso, then make sure to go for medium roast beans which are naturally processed and aromatic. In case you have a paper filter or cold brew, lightly roasted beans will prove to be a perfect choice.


Choose Between Single Origin and Blends

Another thing that you need to familiarize yourself with to choose the right coffee beans is single-origin and blend. The former comes from a single estate while the latter is a mix of single origins. For this reason, the blend proves to have a more complex profile, which is usually heavier and tastes better with cream or milk. The better option depends on how you like your coffee, going for a single origin if you like it black or a blend if you like it creamy.


Know the Growing Conditions

The right coffee beans are produced under optimal growing conditions because altitude, climate, and topography all have a significant effect on the quality of coffee in your cup. The ideal growing conditions for the best coffee beans include high altitude, the right amount of shade through cloud cover, as well as natural mist. If the beans are harvested early, they may exude thinness or sourness. On the other hand, if they become too ripe, they may have already begun to ferment.


Processing of the Beans

Finally, you should also consider how the beans are processed. Generally, if you are a black coffee lover who loves an aromatic cup, then you should go for washed coffee that enhances the acidity of the beans to give a stronger scent. On the other hand, you may want to go for naturally processed coffee if you intend to enjoy the natural sweetness of your coffee.


Overall, make sure that you familiarize yourself with the pointer listed above to ensure that you get the perfect coffee beans that will suit your taste. Sometimes, a great cup of coffee is all you need to get back on the right track.