Book & Brew Of The Month: 'Hidden, Forbidden & Off-Limits'

Steve Higgins - Hidden, Forbidden & Off-Limits

'Hidden, Forbidden & Off-Limits' by Steve Higgins is a captivating tale of subterfuge, conspiracy and discovery. This book takes readers on a subterranean journey through the forgotten secrets hidden beneath our streets.

With its page-turning pace and vivid descriptions, 'Hidden, Forbidden & Off-Limits' invites readers to explore a world of hidden passageways, forbidden underground bases, and off-limits nuclear hideouts, where forgotten aspects of our wartime history lies around every corner.

As far an accompanying brew. A rich and bold espresso blend would suit the theme of this newly released book, as it mirrors the strong and intense atmosphere of hidden passageways. Alternatively, a dark roast coffee, with its deep and robust flavors, would also be a fitting choice.

A bold and full-bodied coffee bean, such as a dark roast Colombian or a Sumatran, would complement the intense and adventurous atmosphere of 'Hidden, Forbidden & Off-Limits'. The rich and complex flavors of these beans would help enhance the excitement and suspense of the book. Alternatively, a smooth and creamy espresso blend, such as a Brazilian or an Ethiopian, would also be a fitting choice for its ability to provide a strong and satisfying taste experience.

So pour yourself a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure with Steve Higgins as your guide.

Steve makes the most obscure and unknown places seem interesting, with lots of history, maps, and includes write-ups of attending paranormal events, deep underground. There is also advice on accessing bunkers, illegally or not. With this kind of alternative tourism becoming a big thing, the book is a great introduction if you’re curious as to what exists beneath us. Includes a 'bucket list' of bunkers in the UK, EU, the USA and one in Canada too.

Although packed full of quarrying history, the book is more an exploration of the culture, folklore and myth surrounding some of Britain's most secretive underground spaces, many of which have now been declassified.

Circumvent the anti-trespass barriers, dodge the bats, and descend into these hidden landscapes to discover why people are so fascinated by the unknown worlds beneath their feet. With a foreword by Matthew Williams, the urban explorer and ufologist who helped shine a light on many of the government's underground coverups.

If you're interested in learning more about the secrets that lie beneath Britain, be sure to check out 'Hidden, Forbidden & Off-Limits', which is available now from Amazon on paperback, hard cover, as an ebook for Kindle, and as an audiobook on Audible.

As the Book & Brew book of the month, vHidden, Forbidden & Off-Limits provides a unique and memorable reading experience that perfectly blends the pleasures of coffee and books. The bold and full-bodied coffee beans chosen to accompany the book are carefully selected to enhance the intensity and excitement of the novel, while the act of sipping coffee while reading adds a sensory dimension to the storytelling. This combination of coffee and books creates a truly immersive and memorable experience, making 'Hidden, Forbidden & Off-Limits' the perfect choice for this month's book club selection.

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