How To Choose A Coffee Maker For The Perfect Coffee

Choosing A Coffee Make

The perfect cup of coffee is something often spoken of but seldom seen. What is the perfect cup of coffee, you might ask? Well, that is completely subjective and open to interpretation. The perfect cup of coffee relies entirely upon what you consider it to be – what blend, flavor, and intensity you like. Finding the perfect coffee maker for the perfect cup of coffee is a unique journey that only you can undertake; what I consider perfect may not be to you and vice versa. One thing that we can be sure of, however, is that you need the perfect coffee maker to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

In this article, we will focus on specifically that: how to find the best coffee maker.


Capsule Coffee Machines

Capsule coffee machines are a very popular type of coffee machine, mostly manufactured by Nespresso and Dolce Gusto, though there are many other competitors on the market, few have the power that the aforementioned brands do. A capsule coffee machine is perhaps the most popular type of machine now and is seeing a huge surge in popularity. Many people are selecting these machines for their homes because they offer a variety of different drinks, and more importantly, value for money.

The advantages of capsule machines are that they are often sold for a reasonable or low price, you can prepare espressos, they are compact and easy to store, each person in your household can make their favored drink, and they are very efficient. If you are interested in the perfect cup of coffee, then one of these machines could be for you.


Moka Pots

For some people, electrical appliances and technology are just simply unwanted. If you, like this author, feel this way, then you might want to opt for something a little more traditional and a little easier to use. The simple Moka pot is the answer to your problems; they are compact, easy to use, and just need to be popped on top of the stove, no electricity necessary. These pots were incredibly popular in the ‘70s to ‘80s and are seeing a massive resurgence.

We sincerely believe these pots to be superior to capsule coffee machines or any machine, simply because they are easy to use, require no electricity, and create a damn good cup of coffee.


Moka Pots


Pad Coffee Machines

Pad machines, which contain special coffee pads, offer a screen that allows you to adjust your coffee strength, and usually have milk frothing systems included. Pad machines are incredibly popular and have become more so over the last few years, especially since they are constantly advertised in the media. They are a lot cheaper than capsule machines, which is what makes them very popular. Some are even, we would say, on par with capsule machines.

The consistency of coffee produced by these machines is somewhat close to espresso, though not quite exactly like an espresso. They are still, despite this, very useful, and if you are on a budget and want an electric machine, then you could invest in a pad coffee machine. Several brands manufacture them, some to a higher standard than others, but this is research that unfortunately, you will have to do for yourself.



Bean-to-cup machines are also very useful and popular – many have integrated grinders which makes them even more useful. These machines are most often made from steel, while the grinders are ceramic; they have water tanks and filters, heating elements, pumps, and you can alternate between different coffee recipes which gives you a lot of freedom to drink whatever you want to drink when you want to drink it.

They are another very popular type of coffee machine, though not as popular or handy as some of the others that we have mentioned here. They are great if you like to grind your beans yourself and you are into the fresh coffee. However, because many of these are integrated machines, if you like to drink black coffee, you might not want one of these, or might want to get one that gives you the option to choose to use milk or not. Bean-to-cup machines are fantastic for black coffee drinkers if you get unintegrated machines, for the coffee will be incredibly fresh, unless you use another machine and grind the beans yourself by hand first, which you can.


Coffee is one of the most consumed and popular drinks in the world and rightfully so, it is awesome. We hope that you have enjoyed the article that we have brought you today and that you will come back and visit us again soon. Thank you!