Starbucks Discontinues Eggnog Latte

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In 2014, the iconic Red Cups returned to Starbucks, symbolising the start to festive season but this year coffee lovers in the US have had their Christmas spirit crushed.

The festive favourite, the king of Red Cups, the eggnog latte has been discontinues across the country.

It seems that last year a new festive flavour was being tested out in selected Starbucks and due to a positive response, Chestnut Praline Latte has now been rolled out nationwide, taking the place of Eggnog Latte.

You've been telling us what you think, Susan says "The holidays won't be the same without eggnog lattes." Dori said she was "so disappointed today when I was told there would be no eggnog lattes this year." And Kecia simply asks "Starbucks, what are you thinking?"

Sarah says "this is the worst possible thing Starbucks could have removed from the menu. I will not be giving starbucks my business this holiday season."


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If like us you wanted to see Eggnog Latte return to the menu in your nearest Starbucks then please sign the petition below and we'll pass on our findings to Starbucks.

We are no longer collecting signatures because... Eggnog Latte is back!



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