Anger Over 2015's Red Cup Design

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Some Christians Are Really Offended By This Year's Red Cups

This week Starbuck's range of festive coffees went on sale around the world, served up in the icon red cup.

Previous year's have seen the red cups decorated with snowmen, ice skates and holly and ivy but this year's design is much plainer. The cup features a two-toned ombré design, with a bright poppy color on top that shades into a darker cranberry below. Plain red, pretty inoffensive right? Wrong.

It seems some Christian groups are up in arms as the red cups fail to depict anything relating to Christmas. People have taken to Twitter to state that Starbucks are being too politically correct and are afraid to celebrate Christmas.

Everyone has their own traditions at Christmas, for some it's midnight mass, for others it's sharing a coffee with friends and loved ones in a seasonal red cup.

No matter what your beliefs are in regards to Christmas, no one can deny that's it's a season for giving and the holidays are a time to spend with families and at the end of the day, people need to relax... it's just a coffee.

Merry Christmas!