Useful Tips To Learn How To Choose The Tastiest Coffee Beans

Choosing A Coffee Make

Coffee does not have a generic taste and aroma. In that regard, it’s more like wine. People can enjoy smooth or bitter flavors and varying levels of caffeine. They can drink chocolate-topped cappuccinos or small shots of espresso. Others may prefer americanos, lattes, or flat-whites.

If someone is really serious about their coffee drinking, they will take an interest in coffee beans. Not only are there different types available, but there are also many blends. Perhaps you have just begun this journey and are keen to learn more. This article has been designed to help you find the best flavors for your personal preference.


Check Out The Internet

It’s possible to view a wide range of products online, including on Amazon. When buying from a specialist store it’s wise to check the shipping. If you receive freshly roasted coffee, you’ll appreciate the difference.

Some websites provide helpful reviews for potential customers. If someone wants the best Kona coffee, for example, they can view photos and read product descriptions. They can also learn that not all Hawaiian coffee is Kona coffee, and be wise when choosing blended versions.


Go To The Shops

Coffee houses are often a great place for connoisseurs to discover specialist blends. Many supermarkets also offer a wide range for buyers.

If the coffee stays on the shelves for more than a few weeks, the flavor will begin to suffer. It’s therefore wise to check the roast date on the packaging and to buy from places with a quick turnaround of stock. In many cases, coffee is vacuum packed to help preserve the flavor and freshness.


Decide On Your Caffeine Requirements

Caffeine is a natural stimulant that can help sleepy heads in the morning, or office workers feeling drowsy at 2 pm! This explains the popularity of espresso shots and the machines that can produce them. Many people opt for robusta beans due to their having double the caffeine of arabica beans. A lightly roasted blend would be ideal for this scenario.

Not everyone is looking for a burst of energy, however. They could instead choose dark roasted beans that contain less caffeine. It’s also possible to buy caffeine-free products that can be consumed in the evenings, without disturbing a person’s ability to sleep.


Research The Beans

If you get the chance to buy some liberica beans, do so. They are created and distributed in small amounts, and they have great taste.

Most people buy robusta or arabica beans - or a blend of both. Robusta beans are lower in sugar and less acidic. They are cheaper to buy and have a strong, bitter taste. Whilst it’s an individual thing, some people prefer more mellow flavors.

Arabica coffee has a smoother, more delicate taste. It’s slightly acidic (e.g. beans from Guatemala or Costa Rica). It smells lovely and is slightly fruity.


Moka Pots

Try Different Flavours

As with some whiskies, there are coffee beans that have a chocolaty taste. Indonesian and Brazilian beans would be good examples. Kenyan AA is known for its nutty flavors, and there are other blends tasting of citrus and hazelnut. If you’re after a hint of honey or caramel, check out Columbian coffee. African coffee may taste anything from blueberries to wine, whilst Asian coffee is earthy and woody.

The color of the beans you buy will also be relevant. Dark beans will taste more bitter than those that are dry and lightly colored.


Research How It Was Grown

Organic products have become ever more popular in the light of environmental concerns. If you don’t want beans that have been produced using herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, or fertilizers try something organic.

Check the labels for information and if it’s a Fair Trade product, the growers will have been paid a fair salary.


Find Your Personal Preference

When it comes to strength and bitterness, your choice may even vary according to the time of day. Coffee beans are grown all over the world, making it possible to experience a host of different blends. You may enjoy the taste of freshly ground coffee in a cafetiere. Because it’s brewed quickly, the flavor can be full-bodied.

Alternatively, you may love a coffee machine that slowly drips. Its more leisurely pace may provide the coffee with a delightful aroma.


Whilst you may narrow your personal preferences down over time, never stop experimenting. There will be more taste combinations for you to consider. This will ensure you enjoy drinking coffee for many years to come and never takes its flavors for granted.