6 Interesting & Unique Ways To Brew Your Coffee

Moka Pots

Coffee lovers never compromise with the taste of coffee. They are always searching for new methods of brewing organic coffee beans. The preferred method of brewing coffee can differ from person to person, depending upon one's choice.

It is generally accepted; manual methods of coffee brewing give a better coffee experience and check quality control. Coffee lovers take the manual approach of brewing as fun rather than using a machine. This trend introduced a wide range of devices and gadgets for people with differing opinions.

Being a resident of the New Jersey region, I can say that the weather right now is ideal for coffee lovers. If you check tomorrow's weather in NJ, you would notice that it's a bit cloudy. With the air getting nippy, it is the perfect time to sip a cup of Joe sitting at your favorite cafe.

Even though we like all coffee brewing styles equally, we will focus on some unique methods of coffee making. Here are the six most unique manual methods to brew coffee that can be done without fancy gadgets at your home too.


1. Kopi Tubruk (Indonesian Style Brewing)

Kopi Tubruk is a traditional way of making Indonesian brewed coffee. It is simple to prepare an exotic cup of coffee in very little time. Mix sugar according to taste in finely ground coffee and add boiling water to the mixture. Stir it well to let the blend mix nicely.

Allow the mixture to sit for five minutes. It settles the coffee grounds, and the beverage cools down to give a tasty sip.

Use good quality coffee grounds. Do not let the water boil for a longer time. Too hot water will make the taste flat of a brewed coffee.


2. Chemex Drip/Pour Over

Chemex is a glass flask pour-over designed beautifully and elegantly. The method was invented by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm in 1941. A special paper filter called Chemex comes in use which weighs heavier than usual filters. Alike, a coffee cone, you pour hot water over the coffee in a filter paper, and coffee seeps into the flask bottom.

This type of coffee brewing is not time-consuming and produces rough coffee. As clear from the name itself, you need Chemex paper filters that cost around $45-$78.


3. Turkish Coffee Brewing

The Turkish method of brewing coffee is used all over the Middle East, the Balkans, and northern parts of Africa. It is quick and easy to prepare, and its result is a strong, thick, and classy product. Add water to the finely ground coffee and sugar as per your taste to a tulip-shaped long-handled pot called cezve (in Turkish).

Put the cezve on heat and let the water boil. As soon as the water starts boiling, remove the pot and let it cool for 20-30 seconds. Put the pot on heat and remove it when it starts boiling, do this 2-3 times. Serve it hot for the best result.

Finely ground coffee sinks to the bottom of a coffee mug as sludge. A creamy and foamy layer appears on the top of your drink. Arab countries often use cardamom for flavor in coffee.

A famous Turkish proverb says for coffee – it should be “strong as death”, “black as hell”, “sweet as love”.


4. AeroPress

AeroPress is new to the market compared to others in the category and was launched in 2005. The filter settles at the bottom of a coffee basket. You need to add hot water to the coffee grounds at the brew chamber. A plunger is pressed down to create air pressure which forces the brewed coffee to pour into the cup from the filter.

It becomes fine on grinding and takes very little time to get ready. It requires an AeroPress paper filter which is very fine and can cost you $40-$50.


5. Stovetop Moka Pot-Percolate

Alfonso Bialetti patented it in 1933. The makers of this method use hot water to create steam pressure in the lower section. The steam passes through coffee in the pot at its chamber in the center. After this process, the brewed coffee comes to the higher compartment. A well-designed stovetop pot creates better steam pressure.

You can get an espresso-style coffee flavor, while a strong flavor may taste bitter. You can get a fine grind coffee in a few minutes. You do not require a coffee paper filter, but a stovetop Moka pot is necessary. Bialetti Kabalo and Pedrini are some of the common brands.


6. Vacuum-Siphon

If you are a fan of the series ‘Breaking Bad’, you might have heard of this unique coffee brewing method. Gale used this method to make coffee in the meth lab, and Walter thought it was the best coffee he ever had.

Interestingly, the siphon method is not a new one. Siphon falls in the category of fancy coffee makers as the process can be fussy for some users. The method was introduced in Germany in the 1840s. You add coffee to the vessel’s upper portion, and hot water immerses the coffee due to steam pressure. After it cools down gravity starts working and pushes the coffee to the bottom through its filter.

Bodum, Yama, and Hario are on the list of commonly used brands. It grinds rough, providing mellow flavor. You will need a butane burner or candle, cloth filter, or metal to ready a few cups of brewed coffee.


Brewing Coffee is an Art

Use hot water to rinse a paper filter to remove chemicals on it. Unbleached filters are available in the market in different sizes. Always use hot water to get the best flavor and taste. Grind the roasted beans just when you are ready to sip a cup of coffee. There are chances of you making mistakes while doing experiments with the manual method of brewing coffee, but with practice, you will finally achieve perfection.